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Temporary Roofing

Temporary Roofing Solutions for Weatherproof Protection from the Elements
Protection From The Elements
All Types of Projects Covered
Long and Short Term Solutions
Insured and Fully Accredited

Temporary Roofing Services

Under certain circumstances (when bad weather is expected to be an issue), temporary roofing may be required to provide adequate protection from the rain, etc. Total Access Scaffolding Ltd provide temporary roofing solutions for all types of construction projects, offering secure and reliable weather protection from the elements, which allows your project to continue without interuption from bad weather or the risk of damage from water ingress, etc. 

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The Benefits

  • Long & Short Term Solutions
  • Weather Protection
  • Protect the Buildings Fabrics
  • Minimise Lost Time 
  • Protection for Workforce
  • Wide Range of Applications
  • Can be Tailored to Suit
  • Specialist Projects Covered
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Protection from Elements

Our Temporary Roof Systems provide complete all round protection wherever needed to protect the building from damage, and the workforce from exposure to wind and rain, etc.

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We offer tailored solutions to fit your project requiremnts

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Reliable & safe scaffolding access solutions 

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Why Choose Our Company?

Tailored Solutions

We provide temporary roofing systems tailored to the needs of  your project

Long and Short Term

We can provide long or short term temporary roofing solutions

Expert Team

Our team of scaffolding engineers are all qualified and experienced

Safety Orientated

We provide safe and secure temporary roofing systems, SSIP accredited
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